Beer Club featuring  254 imported or micro brewing beers.

Cost is $1.00, No Time Limit

Need only to drink 130 different beers to become a Grand Master.

Your name engraved on the wall of foam, a 32 oz. engraved mug, a Grand Master T-shirt, and hat.

Currently over 5000 members with over 500 finishers.


Join the quest for great food, the beers of the world, and the story of Zeke.  Zeke was one of several children born to the Tetuski family, polish immigrants just off the boat.  Settling into a Midwest town, west of Gary, they strived for the American dream. Financially, they were not well off, but there was plenty of love, good food, and lots of Pop's marginal homemade brew.


Tired of being designated bottle capper, to the brown cloudy liquid that Pop claimed had mystical powers, usually after a dozen bottles or so, Zeke vowed to one day find the perfect brew.


Tommy, who was Zeke's brother, was the first to leave for the quest. Ray, Mac, and the rest of the guys at the Big T started a beer drinking club in his honor.  What a sight that parting was, the two of them standing there, Zeke as wide as Tommy was tall, having one last toast to the quest.


Venturing out into the world to find his own taste in beer, Zeke made his way to the thriving metropolis of Gary.  Once there, he began his search as a taste tester at the old Falstaff Brewery.  Over a period of time, having acquired his degree in barley and hops, Zeke became an astute judge in the matters of Brewology.  Not having fulfilled his predetermined fate, Zeke moved up and "out" to become the Brewmaster at the "Big D" Brewery in South Bend.


As his ultimate quest continued, and the beers fell to the wayside, Zeke felt he had failed to achieve his goal.  In the depths of despair, while drowning his sorrows in his favorite watering hole, something happened.  His thoughts must have turned to Mom and Dad, and their tales of beers from the old country.


Working his way by tramp steamer to the Old World Breweries, he jumped ship in Hamburg.  He traveled the continent far and wide, going from brewery to brewery learning their secrets and tasting their brews. With each tour of duty in a brewery, Zeke learned more about barley, hops, and the many and varied ways of using them to brew unique beers.


Crossing the channel to check out the breweries in England, Ireland, and Scotland, Zeke felt there was nothing to compare to traveling the highways and byways of the world, tasting beers and smoking cigars.  He was becoming so masterful in the art of brewing beer, that, in Ireland, he earned his Derby in Brewology.  This Derby being the only tangible evidence that he was advancing on his all encompassing quest, Zeke never let it out of his sight.


After many years in this rambling crusade, Zeke began longing for hearth and home once again.  Since the brews of the world were so good, he felt it was time he went home to see if some enterprising American Brewmaster had come across the perfect formula for the ultimate in beer.  Are you out there?  If you are, Zeke is searching for you.


So remember friend, if in your travels you come across an extremely plump, cigar smoking, beer drinker with a gleam in his eye and a derby on his head, you have found Zeke, still on his quest for "THE PERFECT BEER".  If you do find him, be sure to let him know that in one corner of the world, there is someone who is paying tribute to him and his life long crusade by tasting a few of the world's finest beers. Perhaps we have the perfect brew for you!  We thank you, and Zeke thanks you.


Membership Fee $1.00

No time limit involved.

Zeke never split a beer so neither can you.

After completing the Grueling Course, you are entitled to an exclusive ZEKE'S WORLD TOUR OF BEER CLUB uniform, which includes a shirt,  mug and hat.  Your name will be engraved forever on the Wall of Foam as a Grand Master of Barley and Hops.